Aug 25, 2011

Maksim Doing Just Fine

Our stud boy Maksim was neutered today and is making a speedy recovery. Maks is going to live out the rest of his days with a lovely couple in London as a spoilt pet, which he is just going to love after he has had chance to adapt to his new home.

We would of liked to have been able to keep Maks a little while longer as our stud cat, but he is just not happy with the fairly solitude life, so his welfare comes before our breeding plans. We do have a lovely son of Maks, little Rocco take over daddies duties when he is big enough.

This will be quite some time, so we wont be breeding for the foreseeable future unless we think about going to outside stud and then only if we really have to.

Our other little prince in waiting is Grabowsky son, and we are not quite sure out of the two male kittens which we will be keeping will have to see them develop more, both are looking very nice at the moment.
Chernika our brown tabby girl will also be retiring now, she is a very loving girl and clever!, Chernika is a little small I have always felt but has given us some really nice kittens, so I will be keeping a brown tabby girl back also to carry on the line, I think her kittens will be bigger also when fully grown. So if you would like to be considered to give Chernika a loving home, let me know, Chernika came from Russia,

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