Chernika is the first ever Siberian cat to arrive into the UK from the Adagio cattery in Mosgow Russia .
a is exceptinally loving and is everything a Siberian cat should be, she has a fantastic coat and look at her bushy tail, its wonderful.
Chernika's breeder , Tatiana Mamedova,  the owner of  Adagio cattery in Russia, has had many article published throughout the world , such as  What we have - We dont Preserve,   The cat of my dream's- The Siberian,  and other published papers.
Chernika has very close foundation lines to the very first pedigree cats on register in Russia, she has very strong  lines  such as Adagio, Yasha and Boosik.

"Adagio" - in translation from Italian means majestic, quiet, worthy, as our Siberian cats.
Adagio RU* - Chernika of Emerald Kingdom 

Booshka is a wonderful Siberian female, she is a very strong body type, she is a big girl and certainly has the heft that the judges look for. She is very sweet natured  and is been a super mum, Boo has just had her first litter of kittens. The kittens are very good type and we are very thankful to her breeding Jaroslav for entrusting us with such a special girl.  

Alexi is a Silver and Black  Torbie girl!, she will bring new pedigree lines and a rainbow of colour's, Alexia is a big girl already and will have her first litter in the summer of 2011.
Lexi as we call her for short is a very loving girl with a slightly cheeky nature, always upto some kind of mischief, she is the entertainer of the gang!   
Many thanks to Audrey From Esaya Siberians and Birmans for such a wonderful girl

Tia of Emerald Kingdom
Tia is our own breeding between Maksim Of Prekranse IMP from Arizona and CH Booshka of Siberian Friend IMP from Czech Republic.
Tia is a blue and white Siberian, which was a lovely surprise to get a blue kitten, as both parents need to carry the blue gene to have a blue kitten. We thought Maks carried blue, but didnt know for sure if Boo did. But as luck would have it they do!
Tia is very young at the moment, but so very promising, that she is definitely staying her at Emerald Kingdom future breeding program  .

 Emerald Kingdom Parisa
Wild looking female, mother Chernika Adagio from Russia and Father Maksim of Prekrasne from USA