Apr 14, 2011

Booshka Baby

Well we had some sad news, Boo went over due and I was concerned and phoned the emergency vet on Saturday night for advice. The vet put my mind at rest that all was well and as Boo was settled ect she would have the kittens in her own time and not to fret. If by Monday she hadnt gone into labour to bring her in.

7am on Monday morning Booshka went into labour and I was so relieved, the first kitten born was her gorgeous little blue and white daughter, but the other 3 kittens were still born. It was so sad for myself and Boo.

But we do have this little blue girl who will be staying in all likely hood if not a pet home is already booked for her, and Im just thrilled to have a blue kitten with white. She also has 4 white socks and a cute white tip on her tail.
She has a lovely head and is a big chunky kitten, the photos are of her at 48 hours, not the best as i had to be really quick as Boo didnt like her been picked up . Hope you like her as much as I do.


Chantaris said...

So sorry to hear the sad news about the babies, but lovely to see the one beautiful blue and white girl - I hope that she and Mum are both doing well - and send our best wishes to you all.

Lesley x

Emerald Kingdom said...

Thanks Lesley, yes mum and baby are doing well, just so pleased Boo had a kitten to mother, which she is doing a great job.
Also thrilled to have a blue baby, as I have wanted a blue for a long time and thought I would have to probably buy a blue girl in, so im so happy to have her x

Chantaris said...

Blue is such a lovely colour - really subtle and attractive - so its lovely that you have her - and I'm sure she'll be happy to stay with Mum! I know that Poppy and her Mum get on SO well - its lovely to see :)

Midnightstarsiberians said...

Congratulations on your blue girl. :) we both got our wish :)

So sorry about your losses x x

Glad mum is ok x

Emerald Kingdom said...

Hi Lesley,
I was a little surprised to get a blue kitten, I presumed that like silver you had to see silver in one of the parents to get that colour. Maks has blue in his pedigree, it was a nice surprise!

Yes its lovely to be able to have mum and daughter x

Emerald Kingdom said...

Hi Denise,

Are you going to be possibly keeping your little blue girl...so tempting I bet :) x

Shirley Powney said...

blue is a recessive gene so parents have to be either blue or carriers...she looks very cute. Cubby was a singleton and my how he grew!

Emerald Kingdom said...

Thanks Shirley, found your comment to reply to now :)
Did Cubby continue to grow much bigger or did he slow down?