Nov 28, 2010

Maksim Of Prekrasne

This is our king Maksim, he is starting to mature now in to a handsome boy, I think.
Couldn't manage to get a photo with Mak's eye's fully open as he was looking a bit wary of the camera!
But he does have beautiful big green eyes. Im quite lucky with Mak's as he doesnt spray like many stud's, so I have the pleasure of Mak's in the house with me, and he is such a gentle boy.
We are hoping in spring to see some of his babies, fingers crossed!


Midnightstarsiberians said...

Look at him now! gorgeous. He has grown into a handsome boy.

River won't open her eyes for photos either.

Look forward to seeing his babies x x

Emerald Kingdom said...

Thank Denise, its just the last few months I had noticed that he changing, head getting broader ect, just goes to show we need to give our Sibi's time to mature.

Clare Ferris said...

he has cetainly changed and is maturing, nice to see him now!

Melanie said...

Hi Caroline, He's looking lovely. It is amazing watching them mature isn't it. Such a slow process but wonderful to see. Definitely a handsome boy!

LunikTyen Siberians said...

Must say he's looking beautiful Caroline. Hope to see his babies soon too. Cheers Jackie x