Dec 29, 2009

Welcome To The World

Booshka had her babies today, well this early morning, we thought we had 4 beautiful tabby babies and we were thrilled.
Booshka was in our bedroom and I kept a check on her every now and again, by mid morning this a good 4 hrs plus, I heard the tiniest of cry? and it wasn't coming from the kittens, I was sat looking at?
To my amazement, I found another baby in a rucksack under the bed! - now this poor baby must of been the first one born and for some reason, Boo had left it and found a different place to delivered the rest of her litter.
So the poor little mite was hardly alive and exceptionally cold, as she must of been born 4hrs before! I didn't have any hope, but did my best to get the baby warm and luckily had stocked up on a few things to help newborn kittens - well they were certainly put to the test! - after about 45 mins of getting the kitten warm and this little baby having a fight to live - live she did!
So we put her back with Boo and she routed and found a place on the milk bar and so far, she is doing great, so hopefully she continues to hold her own after such an eventful start to her life.
We have brown Tabby's and brown Tabby's with a little white. Not sure what the other sexes are as yet, but we know we have a least one girl! who is a brown tabby.


Midnightstarsiberians said...

Congratulations !! glad you found the little one :)

'Hope' they continue to thrive xx

Emerald Kingdom said...

Yes I think she will make it now as its been 48hrs and she is as strong as the others now.