Nov 3, 2009

Noel Litter - well most of them!



Chestnut and Midnight




Will have to try and get a couple of photo's of Raphael a little later, as the ones of Raphael were to fuzzy, he didn't want to keep still this morning.
Well the babies are well away with the raw rabbit, and eating it like little piggys, so we should really start to see them putting on wieghts in the next week or so, as its soo good for them.
I posted some info on Lisa our silver girl last night and it was that we were hoping to breed her to Maksim when he arrives, well Lisa had different plans! - all of a sudden she came into a really strong call, and not wanting to miss our chance of kittens, put her in with Grabowsky, and it looks like its been successful, so fingers crossed. Will know for sure in around 3 weeks time.


Midnightstarsiberians said...

Gorgeous babies Caroline - they are really coming on.

D xx

Emerald Kingdom said...

Thanks Denise, they are a sweet and lively bunch.