Jul 14, 2009

New Addition To Emerald Kingdom

Flynn And Luca


When I first stated my search for amazing Siberians to join our cattery, I contacted a breeder abroad who a pedigree line which I knew would be a great asset to our cattery.
I need a boy at the time, but the breeder wasn't able to keep a male for the time need to complete the lengthy pet passport required for the UK.
About 6 months after this they had a breeding again, so I asked for a female, but there wasn't a female available. So I chased the line to another country and was accepted on the breeders waiting list, so i was unbelievably pleased.
When the kitten's were due, unfortuantely the queen lost the litter, it was very sad all round.
So again it wasnt to be.
But now 18 months down the line a new litter from the orginal cattery has been born and the breeder has said YES YES !! - so we have a new beautiful female with a fanstic pedigree and new lines for our cattery.
Further details to follow.

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