Aug 13, 2012


update on tiger ... Tiger is now reserved

Annie reserved

Annie is now officially reserved to a show and breeding home.


Tiger is available as a show kitten , she has a good thick coat and nice boning, might let her go as a pet, but think she would do well on the show bench

Jul 19, 2012

Kitten to be made available

I will have either Tiger or Adrienne available in a couple of weeks. both girls are under assessment as one will be going to a show home. Both girls are very good so it will be a couple of weeks until a final decision is made as it stands at the moment , there really isn't in anything between the girls.

Legacy male kitten sold

Adriene under assessment

May 29, 2012

New kittens arrive ....

Emerald kingdom Tia ,gave birth to three beautiful tabby with white kittens. we have 2 girls ( think -:) and one boy . All kittens are under assessment , but enquirys still welcome

May 16, 2012

Update On Rocco

Well our lovely boy Rocco found his forever home with Karen and he is one spoilt little man!.
I am  thrilled that Rocco has gone to such a wonderful new owner as Karen and he has settled in really well and loving his new pad over looking the river.

We are missing our little man, but really comforted in the fact that he is so loved already by Karen and her mum.

So thank you Karen for giving our special little guy a forever home as nice as yours.

Emerald Kingdom Booshka

CH Booshka, from the Siberian Friend cattery in the Czech Republic, is  a wonderful Siberian female, she is a very strong body type, she is a big girl and certainly has the heft that the judges look for. She is very sweet natured  and a super mum, Boo has 3 litter of kittens.Boo is 3 and a half years old and is registered with FIFE and TICA. Boo kittens are amazing type, big chunky kittens with wonderful coats. I would consider a good breeding home if I can find the right one, as she will again be a great asset to a UK breeding program or a pet home.
Sire EC Everest Valenvic
Dam IC S*Moonbeam   

Retiring From Breeding

Well after a lot of thought I have come to the very hard decision to retire from breeding. This is due to work commitments which involves a house move and other family changes.
So my beloved cats are to be re-homed, some I feel could go onto a good breeding home with established Siberian breeders or a pet home.

 So first off I would like to introduce Emerald Kingdom Wolf:
Sire QGC Raszputin Grabowsky Import from Hungary 
Dam CH Siberian Friend Import from Czech Republic.

Wolf is a brown/black spotted tabby with white and is a hefty boy, with great boning and a thick dense coat. He is extremely affectionate and has been very well socialised. He even likes been bathed!

I would like Wolf to go to a breeding home as he is everything a Siberian male should be and I feel would be a great asset to any breeding program.